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Birthday 2012

Posted by JamesHealey.com on December 2, 2012 at 1:15 PM

Wow, a lot has heppened in the past year since my birthday. Last year I got a brand new melodica and I have put it to good use during these last 12 months.

Some years ago I had gone to Mexico and while there I saw a young boy on the side of the road with a small accordian. He was playing for tips as he had a little tip jar and I couldn't tell if he liked what he was playing or had any thought into it. One thing that did come trhough was that he was playing from the heart.

The accordian and harmonica always get a lot of run compared to the melodica and I have always felt that was a little bit unfair.

True the harmonic and accordian have more of the performer and less of the instrument, However the melodica though stoic in the ability to have expression has a breath attack and that makes it a compelling alternative to the piano.

I think I came up with some good results of what I am describing. You guys can be the judge on it....

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